Cut Down Costs While Still Enjoying Luxury When You Share Private Jet

Share Private Jet

Although jet sharing is not new, the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly expanded its appeal over the past months. More than ever, passengers are searching for safer flight options that can lessen their risk of contracting the illness and their anxiety and stress levels related to travel—all while splitting some of the costs involved in chartering a “Share Private Jet” private jet.

Private jets, however, are expensive, as we all know. The good thing is that several “Share Private Jet” private jet flight companies allow you to share a seat – this way, you can still enjoy the luxury but at a lower cost.

Sharing a private jet may seem paradoxical, but most of the few businesses selling single-seat charters report an increase in business lately. If you live somewhere in London, you can buy shared seats with Pearl Lemon Jets.

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Exploring the Advantages of Sharing a Private Jet Flight: Share Private Jet Experiences

Travelling on a shared private jet is a cost-effective venture. Because not everyone can afford to acquire an aircraft to enjoy a flight on a private jet, this idea lowers the cost of private aviation. 

Simply put, “Share Private Jet” sharing a seat or charter means that when a customer purchases a private charter flight, he can share the available vacant seats at his preferred rates. Seat sharing is a great option for those who want to fly on a private jet but cannot afford to buy one.

Here are more reasons why sharing private jet travel is ideal.

New Connections

If you can “Share Private Jet” and share a private flight with family, friends, or coworkers, you are already in a win-win situation. The total cost of the flight is divided among a group of people you know and can spend time communicating with during the trip.

However, we see communication as a benefit not only when travelling with well-known travellers. Booking a “Share Private Jet” private jet seat with strangers is a great way to meet new people and make new friends! You never know what common interests you and the person sitting next to you might share.

Private Terminals

Tired of being stuck in a crowded airport with a hundred other people waiting for the same flight? You can certainly avoid this when travelling privately with “Share Private Jet,” and booking a one-seat ticket is all required to enjoy this shared charter service’s convenience.

While major airlines share flight terminals, “Share Private Jet” private jets have their own, which greatly benefits avoiding contaminated areas. This is especially important when everyone attempts to avoid as much human contact as possible.

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Beautiful and comfortable sofas in a luxury 4 seater private jet


You can expect enough space for your luggage if you travel on a midsize private jet. This includes golf clubs, skis, and musical instruments.

Furthermore, private jets allow you to store your luggage in special areas overhead or near you. This way, you will always be aware of your belongings and ensure they do not go missing. For commercial airline passengers, lost luggage is not an uncommon occurrence.

No More Lines

If you decide to fly by private jet, you will save 2-4 hours of flying. We’re guessing you’ve experienced boredom and impatience while waiting to go through all the security checks required at airports before boarding a commercial airliner.


This is most likely the most compelling reason for travellers to book tickets on a “Share Private Jet” shared private jet flight. It’s no secret that booking a private aircraft for one hour can cost anywhere from a few thousand to ten thousand dollars. These figures are significant; understandably, many people cannot afford such exclusives. But why buy all of the seats if you only need one? You can save money this way and get a one-way ticket for as little as 995 euros.

All you have to do is go with the only dependable option, like Pearl Lemon Jets. Look for the best deal that meets your requirements and expectations. The only thing left for you to do once you have your ticket is to enjoy your flight up to your destination!

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Your Best Flight Experience With Pearl Lemon Jets

Your time is a valuable commodity. You don’t have time to waste waiting in large commercial airports. Travelling in a private jet is one of the most secure and luxurious ways to travel. However, not all jet charter companies are the same. Here are some reasons to let you understand how Pearl Lemon Jets differ from the rest

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Strong Facilities

Superior in-house repair and replenishment resources could easily be at the top of the list. When you choose a jet charter, you want to know that their repair team has the facilities and equipment to repair and replenish their aircraft on-site and the knowledge and expertise to oversee proper maintenance while they are away. The maintenance team and facilities at Pearl Lemon Jets are held to the highest training and skill levels.


When you board a chartered jet for a Share Private Jet experience, you want to put your trust in an administration and staff of professionals who are not only experts in their field but also contribute to the industry’s overall health. Here at Pearl Lemon Jets, you can ensure that you fly with a company that strives for excellence in all aspects of chartered air travel, from the boardroom to the pilot’s cabin.


Customer service quality is at the heart of any customer service experience, regardless of the type of business involved. That is why everything we do at Pearl Lemon Jets revolves around caring for our customers. That means we’ll get you there quickly, efficiently, and in style.


Our experienced pilots receive professional training from the industry’s best business aviation simulator and other computer-generated training facilities twice a year. Our friendly, service-oriented pilots and cabin attendants are eager to provide you, our valued customers, with on-time, safe, reliable, and luxurious air transportation.

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You Plan, We Deliver

By using Pearl Lemon Jets services, you and your companions become the sole owner of the jet for the duration of the charter. You can plan together to modify the route, choose the number and the duration of stops, and select the date and time of departure. If you need to make last-minute changes to the flight plan, we will try to do so as cheaply as possible.

At every stage of your journey, we guarantee complete confidentiality, safety, and professional work. We work around the clock as a trusted carrier to save our clients valuable time!

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Private jet flights are charged by the hour. Prices vary according to the plane’s size, the flight’s duration, and the number of passengers on board. A private jet charter typically costs between $1,200 and $12,000 per hour. For instance, if a 6-seater jet costs $12,000 per hour, you can expect $2,000 per passenger.

You can ensure safety when you buy a seat with Pearl Lemon Jets. Part of our process is to run some tests to ensure that the passenger flying with you is free from sickness.

According to Civil Aviation Regulations, mobile phones must be turned off before aircraft take off and used only in ‘flight safe mode’ while airborne. However, most private jet pilots will ignore customers on the phone.

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