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Private flying is one of the most convenient ways to travel. It doesn’t matter if it’s for work or pleasure. When someone mentions flying privately, they tend to think of celebrities and the wealthy. The good news is that families, businesspeople, and frequent travellers are choosing private aircraft, including the 4 Seater Private Jet.

Although taking a private flight could add thousands of dollars to your bill, you will receive luxurious and comfortable travel. We at Pearl Lemon Jets are happy to facilitate safe and enjoyable travel. When you are travelling with colleagues, taking one of our 4 Seater Private Jets is a fantastic way to start your trip.

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Things You Can Do While Travelling Only In A Private Jet

There is no better way to customize air travel than with a private jet charter. “4 Seater Private Jet” Although a luxurious travel experience is always enticing, most consumers prefer flying privately because it is more personalized and gives them more freedom.

Sometimes our new clients are unsure about how private jet flights differ from airline trips. Here are some exclusives only possible when flying on a 4 Seater Private Jet aircraft.

Take Your Pets In The Cabin

On a private 4 Seater Private Jet flight, you can bring your pet along with you in the cabin rather than having them travel in a crate in the hold. This greatly reduces the anxiety associated with flying travel for both the pet and the owner.

Take Off When You Want To

Private jet charter enables you to customize your itinerary to fit your needs rather than the other way around. “4 Seater Private Jet” allows you to enjoy the flexibility and luxury of a private flight with a smaller aircraft that accommodates your group comfortably.

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Hold Private Conversations

Before you even land at your location in a “4 Seater Private Jet,” prepare for an important meeting, speak with your attorney, and have meaningful talks with friends and family.

Host Live Music Or Entertainment Sessions

On a 4 Seater Private Jet, you can bring your instruments and have a fun sing-along with your family or friends or hire musicians to perform in the air – your choice!

Experience Fine Dining

Fine dining has grown in popularity today. A private plane is the ideal setting for experiencing good dining, which individuals from all walks of life are eager to do. Fine dining aboard a private plane ought to be opulent, cozy, and unwinding. The environment and furnishings should convey the elegance and charm of the traveller’s preferred location.

Play Games

It’s a great idea to play games aboard a private jet. Even though it can seem like a waste of time, you can play many entertaining activities in business aviation. You and the other passengers on your flight can have a lot of fun playing poker, monopoly, or even a round of I Spy.

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More Reasons Why Flying In A 4 Seater Private Jet Is The Best Option

There is a key distinction between flying first class and chartering a private jet. On a private plane, you are the centre of attention; on a commercial flight, everything is focused on the airline. You can choose your flight’s location and time when you charter a private jet, and you can travel in a customized setting to meet your specific requirements. 

The advantages of private aviation go far beyond mere luxuries. Below we have listed a few benefits of flying on a private jet to help you plan your next trip.

Flight Attendant at Work


You can choose the pilots and flight crew you want to fly with on an executive jet. This will give you confidence in their abilities to bring you from point A to point B and their qualifications. To ensure that their safety management systems outperform any commercial airline, reputable private jet operators like Pearl Lemon Jets only hire the best pilots and put them through a rigorous recruitment process.

Land Close To Your Destination

If you fly with Pearl Lemon Jets, you get to pick the terminals for your departure and arrival. You can take off from a tiny, private airport nearby to escape traffic at a central hub. Also, Pearl Lemon Jets’ air charter service gives you access to land at any smaller airports closest to your destination after taking off. Doing this allows you to arrive at your destination faster and spend less time in traffic.

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Faster Way Of Travelling

Once you get to your desired airport, there is no need to wait. Again, private aircraft fly according to your schedule. Unless, of course, you’re flying an empty leg. Fixed Base Operators (FBOs), effectively private jet terminals at airports, are frequently silent. 

It takes very little time to get through pre-flight and security procedures. Charter flights allow you to travel faster than commercial flights, which require you to arrive at the airport three hours before takeoff. Aside from that, most private jets fly faster and use less fuel than their commercial counterparts; some reach speeds of more than 500 mph, which can significantly reduce the length of cross-country flights.


You are merely a seat number to airlines. The crew on a private plane will address you by name and treat you as a valued customer since they are genuinely there to serve you. Several specialized catering firms now offer gourmet dining for passengers of private jets, including meals prepared by Michelin-starred chefs, so you can forget about the vacuum-packed stodge you’re used to eating while travelling on airlines.

Even the smallest private flights, barely larger than a vehicle, have adequate room for passengers to sleep, have fun, and conduct business. At the larger end of the private jet spectrum, converted airliners are frequently referred to as “flying apartments” and come equipped with master bedrooms, bathrooms, and other opulent luxuries.

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Your Best Flying Experience With Pearl Lemon Jets

A private jet offers passengers all the amenities mentioned above that a commercial flight cannot. Even if they have first-class tickets, they all have to wait the same time before boarding because they follow the same schedule. Although the tickets are less expensive, there are several limitations, including the requirement to wait for your baggage until you get to the airport. 

You can enjoy the luxuries of a private flight with Pearl Lemon Jets. We go above and beyond by providing you with a pleasurable, individualized private jet travel experience. 

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You should anticipate spending between $1,300 and $3,000 per hour for a smaller aircraft with room for four to six passengers. Expect to pay between $4,000 and $8,000 per hour for a medium aircraft that can fit nine passengers.

Compared to a large jet, a light or midsize jet’s seats typically accommodate one passenger and one piece of luggage. Each piece of luggage is regarded as weighing the usual 50 pounds, or 23 kilograms.

Travelling by private jet is reasonably practical for a variety of reasons. One is access to five times as many airports as commercial aircraft. They can land in smaller airports inaccessible to commercial airlines because they don’t require as long of a runway. To answer this question, private jets can fly anywhere, whether you want to travel across South America, Las Vegas, the United States, Los Angeles, or even a quick trip around the UK–your choice!

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