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The pandemic instantly changed people’s lives worldwide – the travel industry being one of the hardest hit. For months, airports were deserted, and planes flew far below their capacity. While commercial airlines still continue to recover lost revenue, Private Jets London private aircraft sales increased, as did private jet charter bookings.

The demand for Private Jets London private jet flights has continued to increase because it allows people to travel without violating health risks. However, as the world surpassed the pandemic, safety became only a part of the reasons and benefits people are trying to reap when choosing private aviation.

Private Jets London are obviously a better choice than commercial planes, from luxury to comfort. Moreover, with private aviation, you don’t ever need to worry about leaving your house tons of hours before the actual flight hour and worrying about being stuck in the traffic in Kennington Park, Chiswick Roundabout, and Hanger Lane. With a private flight, you are free to set the time of the flight.

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Private Jets Vs. Commercial Airline Flights

Flying to a destination on a private airline was once thought to be an extraordinary luxury available only to a select few passengers. The situation arising from COVID-19 and the associated safety measures have demonstrated that this is no longer the case. Thus, more and more people have needed the services of private carriers. 

Consider the benefits of private flights over commercial flights and how they differ.


Charter and commercial flights differ in benefits, but the price point is another significant difference. Private Jets London, after all, a budget can significantly impact the decision between flying private and flying commercial.

Private Jets London flights are typically more expensive than standard airline tickets. Much of this price tag is due to the exclusivity of flying private and the numerous added benefits and luxuries. Instead of reducing amenities to make room for more passengers, air charter service companies profit from them. It all comes down to whether you prefer the benefits of a charter flight or a commercial flight.

Commercial flights are less expensive because these companies prioritize economy over luxury. Private Jets London Commercial planes can seat dozens or even hundreds of passengers, lowering ticket prices. However, you will lose access to many amenities and other benefits.

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One of the major advantages of private jet travel over the lush but still spartan commercial jet first-class experience is the amenities. Almost every Private Jets London private jet chartering experience will include the Very Important Person experience.

This usually includes well-plated foods, multi-course meals, sandwiches, pastries, and other items, even on the shortest flights. Private Jets London free drinks, champagne, and alcoholic beverages are almost always available as amenities.

Things on Private Jets London go far beyond what you’d find in first or business-class cabins on commercial airlines. Because chartering a Private Jet London is customizable and “bespoke,” you and your group can typically request that any amenity be made available on your flight.

Many private airline charters offer their clients a wide range of catering options. Most private jets are outfitted with the crew and equipment required to accommodate almost any request. Do you have a favorite brand of champagne? They’ll track it down and make sure it’s cool and ready to go before you taxi down the runway.

Private jet charter companies will go to extraordinary lengths to ensure that their passengers’ needs are met and exceeded. True first-class flights on commercial airliners include incredible amenities. However, they usually lack the personalization and level of luxury that you’d find when flying privately.


Perhaps you want to plan a business trip with a few colleagues. You may be attempting to impress someone special in your life. In any case, booking a private jet will always ensure that you receive the best VIP treatment possible. You’ll get first-rate catering, champagne, cold meats, and a wide range of non-alcoholic beverages.

Aside from that, the overall commercial airline experience is not for everyone. Not to mention having to get up for anyone sitting next to you who needs to use the restroom or being stuck listening to someone tell you their entire life story.

When you book a private jet flight, everyone keeps to themselves, even if you don’t know everyone else on the plane. Private Jets London private jet flight attendants will only talk to you as much or as little as you want them to and are far more accommodating.

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When you fly commercially, your seat will be assigned to you automatically. Almost all major airlines let you select your seat during the booking or check-in process, but this service is usually not free. 

Furthermore, the best seats, such as those by the window or with more legroom, are more expensive than the others. On a Private Jets London, you select the best seat for you. Every seat is by the window, and passengers have more space and comfort than is typical for seats in business or first class on commercial flights. You can also choose who sits next to you. On commercial flights, you don’t often have this much freedom.

Travel Speed

You should also consider the speed of a private jet versus a commercial jet. Private planes can travel faster than commercial planes. A portion of this is due to the weight of the jet itself. A smaller aircraft or light jet is smaller than large commercial aircraft, allowing them to ascend and descend more quickly.

Most private jets have a significantly higher cruise altitude than commercial airliners: 50,000 feet or higher, compared to most commercial aircraft’s service ceiling of around 39,000 feet.

When traveling, speed is important. This is especially true if you have a business meeting or multiple meetings on the same day. Private aircraft make all the difference in terms of speed and flexibility.

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While flying on a private jet is expensive, when multiple people are flying and the value of time is considered, the cost may not be as high as you think. Compared to rising first-class commercial ticket prices, flying private is often more cost-effective than flying commercial.

Now that you’ve seen how flying in a private jet will give you more benefits–it’s time to charter one. Pearl Lemon Jets can assist you by providing a comprehensive range of private aircraft charters. It would be easy on your part knowing that you can enjoy a luxurious and comfortable flight as our experts will ensure that your flying requirements are carefully met.

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Private jet flights are charged by the hour. Prices vary according to the plane’s size, the flight’s duration, and the number of passengers on board. A private jet charter typically costs between $1,200 and $12,000 per hour.

Private jet travel is just as safe as a commercial flight. When it comes to the risks involved, the two are on par. Flying is extremely safe and convenient when combined with modern technology.

Private jets can land anywhere, including every commercial and private terminal in London. To give you an idea, airports where private jets can land include:

  • London City Airport 
  • London Heathrow Airport 
  • London Biggin Hill Airport 
  • London Luton Airport 
  • London Gatwick Airport 
  • London Farnborough Airport 
  • London Stansted Airport
  • London Oxford Airport

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